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Event permits

Our requirements are explained in the Mitchell Shire Council Event Guide below.

Types of Permits

Different types of events require different permits.

Our permits are designed to protect public safety, look after facilities and reduce community inconvenience.

Our permit application process helps event organisers to meet relevant local laws, legislation, regulations, standards and codes.

We issue 3 main types of event permits:

  • Planning Permits
  • Festival Permit
  • Places Of Public Entertainment (POPE)

Planning Permits

Some events and festivals require a planning permit. You may need a planning permit for your event advertising signage.

A planning permit may be required for events:

  • held in a building or at a location that is not normally used for events
  • where the activity conducted is outside the approved use of the land or building

For example, if your proposed event is to be held on private land classified as 'Farming Zone'.

Re-occurring events such as markets may also require a planning permit unless authorised by the public land manager.

We will help you to work out if your event needs a permit. Tell us about your type of event below.

Festival Permits

Festival permits address community safety and amenity issues and include requirements relating to public health (such as food and noise), liquor licensing, traffic and parking, the venue, signage, fireworks, community safety and other areas relevant to the event.

Places Of Public Entertainment (POPE)

Events in venues over 500m2 and that are enclosed or substantially enclosed, or to which entry fees are charged, and community events of over 5,000 people need a Places of Public Entertainment (POPE) permit.

This page was last updated on 21 November 2019.