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October floods business support

Mould management and your health

After flooding, excess moisture and pooled water can cause mould growth in your business premises. This may be a health risk for you, your staff and customers.

Returning to your business premises

When returning to your business premises after a flood, be aware of any visible mould or a musty smell. High mould levels are likely if the building has been flooded for more than two days.

To prevent mould growth, clean up and dry out the building as quickly as possible. Before you clean-up, remember that not everyone is suited to working in damp, potentially mouldy conditions.

Removing mould

If you decide to remove the mould yourself, ensure good ventilation and wear protective clothing such as a shower cap, rubber gloves, eye protection, overalls, suitable footwear and a P1 or P2 face mask.

For information on how to clean up and remove mould and it's adverse health effects, go to Better Health: Mould.

This page was last updated on 19 October 2022.