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October floods business support

Building approvals after floods

After a flood, you may need to repair, or rebuild a building. The structural integrity of a building may have also been impacted by the flood waters.

If you have concerns regarding the structure integrity of a building or would like to discuss any building permit needs, please contact the Building Services Team on 03 5734 6200 or email

You can also speak to a Business Engagement Officer at a drop-in session.

When you don't need building approval

You don't need building approval if you're repairing or replacing:

  • fixtures
  • wall or ceiling linings
  • kitchen cupboards
  • vanity units
  • floor coverings.

However, all materials used in the work must meet relevant Australian Standards, and linings must be fixed according to the manufacturer's installation instructions.

When you do need building approval

You do need a building permit to carry out more extensive work that affects the building's structural components.

Please also note that where you are engaging in building work that exceeds $10,000 further conditions apply. For more information regarding this and repairing after a flood event, see the Victorian Building Authority.

This page was last updated on 19 October 2022.