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Filming in Mitchell

We support filming and recognise the economic and social benefits that it brings to our citizens.

If you are planning to film in streets, parks, gardens and other open spaces that we manage you will need a permit. If filming in or around our buildings you may also need a location agreement.

This applies to:

  • feature films
  • advertising
  • documentaries
  • music videos
  • student films
  • motion picture photography for TV

We coordinate the availability of locations and help film crews and photographers with traffic management and use of public and commercial spaces and facilities.

Guidelines for filming and stills photography

We ask all crews to meet our guidelines while on-site in Mitchell. These guidelines are designed to protect locations and keep everyone safe and happy. The guidelines explain our requirements for:

  • notifying local traders and residents of the shoot
  • managing parking and traffic
  • putting up tents or marquees in parks and open spaces
  • what happens if something gets damaged
  • taking away rubbish
  • product endorsements
  • safety measures for handling dangerous substances and articles
  • making sure it is a safe work site
  • crediting Council’s assistance
  • filming with drones

Apply to film in Mitchell

To apply for a permit:

  • complete the Mitchell Shire Council Film Permit Application (download below)
  • supply us with a copy of your certificate of public liability insurance
  • supply us with a map of the location with parking spaces marked
  • return your documents to Mitchell Shire Council

You may be asked for other documents if they are relevant to your application.

Local landscapes and locations

The appeal of Mitchell Shire is its varied landscapes and heritage locations, which can double as many iconic settings from around the world. Dramatic drives that echo Mediterranean splendour, native American woodlands, wide dirt roads that cut through harsh Australian bush, rolling lush green hills and quaint village streetscapes make Mitchell Shire Council the ideal setting for any film, television or photographic project.

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This page was last updated on 24 February 2022.