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Home-based businesses

There are a number of requirements that need to be met before you can run your business from your home.

Requirements to be met (clause 52.11-1)

You do not need a planning permit if you are working from home and your occupation meets the following requirements:

  • The person conducting the home based business must use the dwelling as their principal place of residence.
  • No more than two persons who does not live in the dwelling may work in the home based business at any one time.
  • The net floor area used in conducting the business including the storage of any materials or goods must not exceed 100 square metres or one-third of the net floor area of the dwelling, whichever is the lesser. The net floor area includes out-buildings and works normal to a dwelling.
  • The business must not impose a load on any utility greater than normally required for domestic use.
  • No motor vehicle may be adjusted, modified, serviced or repaired for gain.
  • Only one commercial vehicle (a commercial goods vehicle, commercial passenger vehicle or tow truck within the meaning of the Transport Act 1983), not exceeding 2 tonnes capacity and with or without a trailer registered to a resident of the dwelling may be present at any time. The vehicle must not be fuelled or repaired on the site.
  • No goods other than goods manufactured or serviced in the home based business may be offered for sale. This requirement does not apply to goods offered for sale online.
  • Materials used or goods manufactured, serviced or repaired in the home based business must be stored within a building.
  • No goods manufactured, serviced or repaired may be displayed so that they are visible from outside the site.
  • Any goods offered for sale online must not be collected from the dwelling.
  • The occupation must not impose a load on any utility greater than normally required of domestic use.

Further to this, the occupation must not adversely affect the amenity of the neighbourhood in any way including:

  • the appearance of any building, works or materials used
  • the parking of motor vehicles
  • the transporting of materials or goods to or from the dwelling
  • the hours of operation
  • electrical interference
  • the storage of chemicals, gases or other hazardous materials
  • emissions from the site.

These requirements are specified in the Mitchell Scheme, Appendix A – Home Occupation Clause 52.11

Other Considerations

Home based businesses are still obligated to obtain licences if they are working with Food or Health, Wellbeing and Accommodation.

For a full list of licences your business may require, visit the Australian Business Licensing and Information Service website or use our Small Business Self-Assessment Tool to get an idea of what Council permits you might require.

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This page was last updated on 9 November 2020.