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Temporary or mobile food premises (Streatrader)

Mobile food businesses or food businesses planning to operate a temporary food premises and sell food at an event such as a festival must register with Streatrader.

This applies to coffee carts, ice cream trucks, food vans, market stalls, temporary premises and food vending machines.

With Streatrader registration you can operate anywhere in the state.

How Streatrader works

As part of your online application, Streatrader requires that you either register or notify your local Council of a temporary or mobile food premises.

When your registration or notification is complete, you can sell food anywhere in Victoria by submitting a statement of trade. This informs the relevant Council where and when the temporary food business will be trading in their district.

For more information on how to register go to the Streatrader website.

This page was last updated on 21 July 2020.