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Starting a new food business

If you are proposing to establish new food premises, talk to us. We can help you to:

  • find out if you need permits for the proposed works
  • discuss your proposal to ensure it complies with the Food Standards Code
  • construct your food premises according to the requirements of the Food Standards Code
  • pass an inspection
  • register your business.

This must be done before you start trading.

Planning and building permits

Contact our Planning and Building departments to find out if you need permits for the proposed works. Visit planning and building for more information.

Understanding the Food Standards Code

Our Environmental Health Officers can help you to understand what your business will need to do to meet the requirements of the code and be registered. They will classify your food business, explain if you need a food safety program and supervisor, and anything else you need to do to comply.

Final Inspection

A final inspection of the premises must be completed by an Environmental Health Officer to confirm compliance with the Food Standards Code before approval is given. At the final inspection, it is expected that any refrigeration equipment, hot and cold holding units, exhaust systems are operational, and that there is a supply of hot and cold water to all plumbing fixtures.

Registering your Business

All businesses that sell or handle food must be registered with the appropriate authority. Your business registration needs to be renewed each year.

Food Businesses Registered with Council

Most food businesses are registered with the council from where their business is located or where their food vehicle is garaged.

All new businesses that have passed a final inspection must apply for registration.

To register your business:

Registering a Meat or Seafood Business

Businesses that predominantly process meat or seafood must be registered with PrimeSafe. Contact on phone 03 9685 7333.

Dairy Businesses

Businesses that are predominantly involved in dairy processing are registered with Dairy Food Safety Victoria. Contact on phone 03 9810 5900.

This page was last updated on 28 October 2020.