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Registering your food business

All businesses that sell or handle food must be registered with the appropriate authority.

Your business registration needs to be renewed each year.

Food businesses registered with Council

All food businesses that have passed a final inspection must be registered with Council. To apply for a registration, fill out the required section of the Small Business Combined Permit Application Form.

Once you have submitted your application an officer will call you to organise payment and next steps.

Renewing your registration

Business registrations are renewed annually. The registration period is from 1 January to the 31 December each year. Council will contact you towards the end of each calendar year with information about how to renew your registration for the following year.

Council regularly inspects registered food businesses to check that they still comply with the requirements of the Food Act 1984. If your business continues to meet all requirements, we will send out an application for renewal of registration at the end of each year.

The certificate registration must remain at the premises and may be asked for during an inspection.

Note: operating an unregistered food business is an offence under the Food Act 1984 and can result in a penalty.

Other registration authorities

Registering a meat or seafood business

Businesses that predominantly process meat or seafood must be registered with PrimeSafe. Contact PrimeSafe on 03 9685 7333 for more information.

Registering a dairy business

Businesses that are predominantly involved in dairy processing are registered with Dairy Food Safety Victoria. Contact Dairy Food Safety Victoria on 03 9810 5900 for more information.

Note: a food business can only be registered or licensed with one registering authority.

This page was last updated on 7 January 2021.