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Food safety programs and supervisors

Food Safety Program

The Food Safety Program is a written plan that describes how a food business will control, monitor and manage food safely.

All Class 1 and 2 food businesses must have a Food Safety Program in place before commencing a new food business, or transferring an existing food business.

Types of Food Safety Programs

There are 2 types:

  • A Standard Food Safety Program
  • Non-Standard Food Safety Program.

Standard Food Safety Program (Class 2 premises only)

A Standard Food Safety Program is only available for Class 2 premises and is a template that has been created by a specific food industry or the Department of Health for retail and food service businesses. For a list of all the approved templates go to Victoria Department of Health: Food Safety Programs.

Non-Standard Food Safety Programs

A non-standard Food Safety Program is a program that is written specifically for a food business, this is a requirement for all Class 1 and some Class 2 premises (for example, large food manufacturers) where the standard Food Safety Program in not appropriate for their food operations.

Food Safety Supervisors

All food businesses that have a Food Safety Program must have a qualified food safety supervisor. This person must have a statement of attainment with the required competencies,from a registered training organisation.

For more information about training courses and registered training organisations, go to Victoria Department of Health: Food safety supervisors.

This page was last updated on 21 July 2020.