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Business permits and requirements

Domestic animal businesses

A domestic animal business trains, breeds, rears, or boards pets. Pet Shops and Shelters are also Domestic Animal Businesses.

If you want to establish a new business you will need to register that business with Council, meet the code of practice and renew your registration each year.

We will also investigate reports of cruelty or concerns about the welfare of animals.

Apply to register a domestic animal business

To register:

Annual registration

We may contact the business to organise an inspection of facilities before registration each year.

Penalties for unregistered businesses

If your animal business is not registered with Council and/or doesn’t comply with the Codes of Practice you may be fined and your business registration may also be revoked.

Types of domestic animal businesses

  • Council pound
  • dog and/or cat breeding business
  • dog training establishment
  • pet shop
  • animal shelter
  • establishment boarding dogs or cats including pet sitting
  • establishment that is rearing dogs or cats.

This page was last updated on 21 July 2020.