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Business permits and requirements

Property change of use for business

A change of Use Permit may be required if you are changing the type of business operating at an existing premises.

We recommend that you contact our Statutory Planning Department on 03 5734 6200 to:

  • discuss your proposed change of use for land within Mitchell Shire
  • find out if a permit is required.

How to apply

When you are ready to complete you're application, you will need to include the following:

  • Planning Permit Application Form (download below)
  • a recent copy of the title from the date of submission of the application — must be dated within 3 months
  • details of the current land use and proposed land use and details of any works (if any)
  • relevant plans for the proposal in A3 size
  • an assessment against the requirements of the Mitchell Planning Scheme, including zones, overlays and particular provisions
  • proposed hours of operation (if applicable)
  • number of staff/employees/practitioners (if applicable)
  • number of seats (if applicable)
  • a car parking assessment against the requirements of the Mitchell Planning Scheme and/or justification for the reduction or waiving of the car parking requirement
  • details on the transport of materials or goods to and from the site (if applicable)
  • type of goods to be stored, processed or produced on site (if applicable)
  • detailed photographs of the subject site and surrounding properties
  • other documentation may be required depending on the complexity of the application.

Submitting your application

The payable fee may vary depending on the application. See our Planning Fee Schedule document (download below) for more information.

To submit your application:


You can schedule a pre-application meeting with a Council Planning Officer prior to submitting your application.

A pre-application meeting will assist in further identifying any use issues with the proposal.

This page was last updated on 30 December 2020.