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Beauty, health and wellbeing businesses

Council is responsible for maintaining public health and preventing disease, as required by the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019.

All local health and wellbeing businesses are required to be registered with Council. All new health and wellbeing businesses must also apply for an inspection of the premises before they can commence business. Details of how to apply for a registration or inspection can be found below.

Apply to Register your Business

If you are starting a new business, you need to register it with Council. This registration needs to be renewed every year.

To register your business with Council, fill out the required section of the Small Business Combined Permit Application Form.

Once you have submitted your application an officer will call you to organise payment and next steps.

Request an Inspection

If you are starting a new business or transferring ownership of an existing business you need to organise an inspection of your premises. We inspect for appropriate hygiene procedures in businesses that offer:

  • beauty therapy procedures
  • body art-tattooing and skin piercing
  • hairdressing.

To request an inspection of your business:

Transferring Ownership of a Business

If you are purchasing a health or wellbeing business you will need to transfer the registration into your name.

To transfer a registration:

Infection Control Guidelines

To help businesses comply with infection control, we recommend you read the Department of Health Victoria: Infection control guidelines

The guidelines include:

  • infection control
  • legislative requirements
  • occupational health and safety issues
  • how to clean, disinfect and sterilise instruments and equipment
  • industry-specific information.

There is also general information on risk analysis and management, to assist proprietors and operators to develop policies and procedures to improve infection control and prevention practices.

Tattooing and Body Piercing Businesses

Businesses offering skin penetration procedures (including tattooing and body piercing) must provide clients with information about the risks of infectious diseases before undertaking a procedure.

You can use the Department of Health: Body art and tattoo businesses - infection prevention and control information sheets

Other Health and Wellbeing Businesses

Premises offering massage, saunas, flotation tanks, gymnasium equipment and alternative therapies are exempted from registering with local council. They are encouraged to comply with personal care and body art guidelines for infection prevention and control specific to their industry.

Fees for Services

This page was last updated on 30 December 2020.