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Mitchell Shire Business Hardship Recovery Fund

Mitchell Shire-based businesses which have not received funding under State and Federal Government funding packages could be eligible for the Mitchell Shire’s Business Hardship Recovery Fund.

This limited fund has been established through the support of the Victorian Government, and is open to applicants until Friday 11.59pm, 6 November 2020.

The recovery fund is aimed at assisting small to medium businesses operating a ‘shop front’ within the shire that have suffered reduced revenue and/or temporary closure due to the stage 3 restrictions imposed on Mitchell Shire between July 8 and August 5, 2020. Victorian Government imposed Covid-19 stage 3 restrictions during this period for all of Metropolitan Melbourne and included Mitchell Shire – the only regional-based Local Government Area to be impacted.

Funding of $5,000 will be available to those businesses deemed most in need. This fund is limited. Businesses which have fallen into hardship and could not access one or more of the COVID-19 based business support packages presented by either State or Federal governments are encouraged to consider the grant criteria detailed in the form below.

For more information about the fund or what we will require as part of your application please refer to the Hardship Recovery Fund FAQs below.

For full details on the Eligibility Criteria, please refer to the Mitchell Shire Business Hardship Recovery Fund Eligibility Criteria.

Further information can be directed to our Mitchell Shire Council’s Business Support team on 03 5734 6200.


Who can apply for the Hardship Recovery Fund?

The Hardship Recovery fund has been established to assist those businesses that are based in Mitchell Shire with a shopfront that have been denied access to one or more of the following Federal or State Government assistance programs- i.e.: JobKeeper, Business Support Fund and Business Support Fund (expansion).

Can a sole trader apply for the Hardship Recovery Fund?


What is a 'shop-front'?

A premise that is used specifically to sell goods and/or services separate from the family home. Proof of this premise is required as part of the application process such as Utility bill or lease document or council rates.

What is the application process?

The application form is available through Mitchell Shire website. Application form must be completed entirely and submitted with copies of supporting documentation. Each applicant will be individually assessed, and funds will be allocated using a “first in, first served” approval process. Mitchell Shire Council aims to have all applications approved within 10 working days of a fully completed application.

What supporting documentation do I need to provide?

Please refer to Hardship Recovery Fund application criteria. Suggested documentation will assist in expediting the application approval process.

Is my business eligible to apply for Hardship Recovery Fund, even if the business has received an earlier $10,000 grant under the Business Support Fund or Expansion program?

If your business has received just one of these funds but not the other, then yes, your business is eligible. If you have been able to access both forms of assistance and JobKeeper, then your business will not be eligible for this fund.

My business has only started operating in the last 12 months and may not be eligible for JobKeeper. Can I still apply for Mitchell Shire Council grant?

Yes, Mitchell Shire Council encourages any business that has missed JobKeeper to apply regardless of trading period, so long as the other eligibility criteria is met.

I have more than one business, can I receive more than one grant?

If you have multiple businesses with individual Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) and are all registered to collect Goods and Services Tax (GST), the answer is yes provided they all meet the documented eligibility criteria. You would need to submit separate application for each business' ABN.

What do I do if I accidentally submit two applications? How can I retract one?

You do not need to do anything to retract one of them – we will only pay one grant for that ABN. Alternatively, please send us an email with your application details as soon as possible and we should be able to merge the application if they have different documents.

I employ apprentices, am I eligible to apply for the MSC grant?

Yes, if your business employs apprentices directly and meets the eligibility criteria. If your business employs apprentices through a training organisation you may not be considered an “employing business”, as a result your business would not meet the eligibility criteria

Why do I need to provide my company’s financial details?

The purpose of this fund is to assist those businesses in Mitchell Shire that are experiencing financial difficulty. The financial reports will verify your claim of hardship and it will expedite the application outcome. Your business documents will be treated as confidential at all times.

Are not-for-profit businesses that are not required to be registered for GST eligible to apply for MSC grant?

All applicants for the Mitchell Shire Hardship Recovery Fund must be registered for GST.

How will you use the information I provide?

The information provided will help to assess your business application in thorough and considered manner. All financial records will be sighted purely for the understanding of economic hardship and all other documents will support the COVID-19 impact on the business. If you would like more information about how we deal with your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.

If I am a successful applicant, are there restrictions on what I can spend the funds on?

The fund is designed to assist with business continuity, feel free to utilise this for any expense that will allow your business to continue trading. Some examples of expenditure might be payment of utilities or suppliers, capital works, maintenance or skills development etc.

I have not heard about my application. Is it still being considered?

All applications will be processed in due time, the application approval process can be complex and may take longer than expected. If you are concerned, please email our Economic Development team.

Are religious organisation that are not required to be registered for GST eligible to apply for MSC grant?

No, only businesses that are registered for GST collection can apply for this grant.

Is $5,000 including GST?

As there is no goods or services provided here, the fund is GST exempt.

How do I provide evidence that my business is not a participant in the Commonwealth’s JobKeeper Payment scheme?

A rejection letter from ATO for the JobKeeper payment scheme or a letter from your Accountant stating you were not eligible for the JobKeeper payments.

This page was last updated on 14 October 2020.