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Terms and conditions — Mitchell Youth Out and About

The Mitchell Youth Out and About program is being run and managed by Mitchell Shire Council.

By completing the expression of interest form and accepting the Out and About voucher/s, you have agreed to all terms and conditions.

Privacy statement

Personal information collected by Council is used for municipal purposes as specified in the Local Government Act 2020 or other relevant legislation. All personal information (including images) collected by the Proponent and Mitchell Shire Council will be used for the Council’s business purposes and kept confidential except as permitted in the above Terms and Conditions of Entry.

These details will not be disclosed to third parties unless the Council is required to disclose the information under other legislation or disclosure is necessary to complete the purpose for which it is sought. You may access the information you have provided to the Council at any time and make corrections if you believe that information is incorrect.

Copies of the Council’s Information Privacy Policy, together with details of how you may contact Council, are located on Council’s website.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Out and About vouchers will be for young people aged 12 – 24.
  2. Vouchers will be assigned by a ballot system. Vouchers will be allocated across areas of Mitchell Shire in accordance with the Forecast ID Small Areas population data, with eligible expressions of interest for each area going into a ballot draw. Where allocation of vouchers is not exhausted due to ineligibility or lack of expressions of interest Mitchell Shire Council reserves the right to not allocate all vouchers.
  3. Vouchers are non-exchangeable and non-redeemable for cash and are provided FREE for all young people who meet the terms and conditions and are chosen in the ballot.
  4. Vouchers are strictly limited to one per person, identification will need to be provided when claiming the voucher.
  5. Vouchers cannot be redeemed without a form of identification provided by the young person or on behalf of the young person.
  6. Participants details will be securely recorded to ensure that provision of one voucher per person is upheld.
  7. Young person’s details that will be recorded to ensure eligibility include:
    1. First and Last name
    2. DOB
    3. Resident status or Educational institute
  8. If you attend school, or some other form of education within Mitchell Shire you will need to show proof of identity in the form of a student card or proof of enrollment in order to receive a voucher.
  9. If you live in Mitchell Shire but do not go to school here you will need to show proof of Mitchell Shire residency, such as a driver’s license/ learner license, Mitchell Shire Library Card, utilities bill, or rates notice. Proof of identification will be requested at the time of using the voucher.
  10. Acceptable forms of ID include:
    1. An Australian driver’s license/ Learner’s permit
    2. Mitchell Shire Library Card
    3. Proof of age card
    4. Passport
    5. School ID
  11. Mitchell Shire Council is not held accountable for unused vouchers. It is recipient’s responsibility to use vouchers within the eligible time frame.
  12. Vouchers are non-exchangeable or non-redeemable for cash.
  13. If lockdown restrictions are in place during the voucher valid period, recipients will need to contact Mitchell Youth Services on 5734 6200 or to claim an alternative prize
  14. COVID requirements apply to entry into Mitchell Leisure Services including QR Code Check-in and mandatory vaccination requirements.

Promotional Period

Entries will open 9am Friday 26 November 2021 and closes 9am on Wednesday 16 February 2022.

Prize Allocation

At the conclusion of each round a ballot will take place and winners will be notified by email and sms/phone. Vouchers will be claimable from the date of notification and will be valid until Wednesday 16th March 2022.


Young people aged 12 – 24 who live in or attend school in Mitchell Shire, this includes higher/ vocational/ alternative education.

This page was last updated on 8 February 2022.