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Seymour Influencer Series Committee

The Seymour Influencer Series Committee will meet weekly to develop skills in the use of social media and event management. At these meetings, the committee will receive mentoring on public speaking, confidence and leadership, with guest speakers from the local community.

Additionally, the committee will receive free training on topics such as social media marketing and online advertising. The committee will then use these skills to plan and coordinate the Seymour Influencer Series Committee. The committee will identify individuals who Seymour youth look up to, such as AFL players, Youtubers, Jockeys & TikTokkers and then hire them to attend the online event. At the online event the committee will live-stream content from the social influencers and then hold a live Q&A with the influencer; which other Seymour youth can tune in and watch. The committee will organise every aspect of this online event, including booking the influencers, deciding how it will be ran and developing advertising material.

The committee will meet Monday afternoons from 4-5:30pm at Chittick Community Place in Seymour. Stationary will be provided and the they will also be provided with food at each meeting.

If you are interested in being part of a team to create an online event and have the chance to chat with your role models then fill out the form below.

Seymour Influencer Series Committee

Please answer the following questions

What school do you go to?  
What are your thoughts about living in or near Seymour?  
For example: drawing, computers, photography, public speaking
Do you feel like a part of the Seymour community?  

This page was last updated on 5 June 2020.