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Contrast - The Seymour Youth Arts Program

CONTRAST - The Seymour Youth Arts Program

The CONTRAST program included ten young people aged 13-17 who live in Seymour. They received art packs with over $300 worth of free art supplies to use for the duration of the ten week program. These art packs included acrylic paints, calligraphy and clay modelling.

A new art pack was delivered to the participants house every three weeks with the first one delivered on Tuesday August the 25th 2020. CONTRAST kept in contact throughout the nine weeks through a Facebook Group where participants could share tips and tricks they learnt while creating their artwork. They also got the chance to chat with local Seymour artists, to learn how to produce great art and learn about the benefits of art to health and wellbeing.

In order to receive each art pack, participants had to have a quick chat with a local healthcare provider from Seymour (Nexus or The Bridge Youth Services) about how they were enjoying the program.

The artwork created by the CONTRAST participants will be on display at the Seymour Visitor Information Centre until the end of December.

This page was last updated on 26 November 2020.