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Clothes Swap Project

Community clothes swap

The Mitchell Shire youth Council are hosting a community clothes swap event to raise awareness of the devastating impacts the fashion industry has on our environment.

The clothes swap aims to:

  1. Encourage locals to reuse their clothing by swapping items they no longer need, want or wear with other members of the community.
  2. Increase awareness of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment.

The event is part of the Clothes Swap Project, which is a wider campaign that promotes sustainable practices that will improve community resilience to climate change.

The event will be held in the Wallan Multi-Purpose Hall on Saturday 15 May 11am-3pm.

What is the Clothes Swap Project

The Mitchell Shire Youth Council feel very strongly about the environment and taking action against the impacts of climate change. They developed a project and were successful in applying for a Community Mini Grant, with supporting letters from the Wallan Environment Group and BEAM, from the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning to deliver the Clothes Swap Project.

The Clothes Swap campaign promotes sustainable practices that will improve community resilience to climate change. It creates awareness of the devastating environmental impacts of the fashion industry and provides a solution, empowering the community with a toolkit to host their own events, reaching across all of Mitchell Shire. A prime example of thinking globally and acting locally.

The Clothes Swap Project will be delivered in three stages:

Stage one: awareness

The Mitchell Youth Council have worked with internal and external agencies to develop 4 key messages to increase community awareness of 'fast fashion' and the negative impacts it has on our environment. The Youth Council have created posters which you can use to promote these messages in your home, school, community group or workplace. These posters have been attached below.

  • Poster 1: it takes 2720 litres of water to make 1 cotton t-shirt. It takes 1 person 3 years to drink that amount.
  • Poster 2: we will also be creating an art installation that demonstrates this at the Clothes Swap event
  • Poster 3: by repairing your clothing, you could extend its life by one year and decrease its carbon footprint by 25%.
  • Poster 4: Australia is ranked 2nd in the world for most textile disposal. One person buying 27KG of clothing every year.

Stage two: action

Mitchell Youth Council will host a Clothes Swap event where people of Mitchell Shire can bring their clean and undamaged items of clothing they no longer want, need or wear and swap them for another item at the event using a token system. Attendees can also get involved with sewing workshops that encourage up-cycling and enter any new piece of transformed clothing into a competition that will be run throughout the day.

The event will be held at the Wallan Community Centre on Saturday 15 May 10am-3pm, with drop off points set up across the Shire in the lead up to the event.

Head to the event page for more information on where you can drop you clothes off and how things will work on the day.

There are no events planned for now

Stage three: sustainability

Mitchell Youth Council will be documenting their process and collating all resources used to create awareness and host the event. This will be developed into a toolkit to be used by other groups and organisations to host their own Clothes Swap event in into the future.

This project was funded by the Community Mini-grant Program, a part of Climate Ready Hume, a Victorian Government initiative, aiming to support positive climate change activities and action. Learn how the Victorian Government is working with communities on climate change.

This page was last updated on 12 May 2021.