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Youth Council

Youth Council FAQs

Mitchell Youth Council is an advisory committee of Mitchell Shire Council and a youth development program. It provides an important opportunity for young people to have input into Council decisions. Mitchell Youth Council:

  • assists Mitchell Shire Council to discover important issues relevant to young people in the local area
  • provides advice to Council about how these issues can be addressed
  • develops local initiatives and projects for young people.
Who is on Youth Council?

Mitchell Youth Council is divided into three Wards: North, Central, and South. Three Youth Councillors are chosen to represent the community in the North and South Wards, and six in the Central Ward, making a total of twelve Youth Councillors. Additional positions may also be created to ensure the Youth Council represents a diversity of views and experience. Council’s Youth Development Officer facilitates the Youth Council meetings and activities. Special guests, such as the Mayor, CEO and Senior Councillors attend meetings from time to time.

Who can be a member of Youth Council?

To apply to be on Youth Council you must be 12 - 24 years of age and live, work or study in Mitchell Shire. Applicants should be motivated to make a difference in the community.

How can I apply to be on Youth Council?

To be considered for a position you must submit an online application form to Council by the closing date (Monday 13 June 2022). Applicants may be required to sit an informal interview.

Applicants are assessed according to selection criteria (see ‘What are the Applicant Selection Criteria?’). Council aims to have a diversity of views and experiences on Youth Council therefore selections are also made on this basis.

What are the applicant selection criteria?

Application Selection Criteria:

The applicant must:

  • be aged between 12 and 24 years
  • live, work or study in Mitchell.

The table at the end of this page shows the criteria for assessing each applicant. Please refer to the Youth Council Application Form. The ‘Question number’ column shows which question on the Application Form relate to each selection criteria. Please note, all the below criteria will be addressed in the interview, only the numbered criteria will be addressed through the application form.

How long do members of Youth Council hold their position?

The 2022/2023 Youth Council will be notified by Friday 24 June 2022. Each Youth Council term will be for a period of 4 years however members of Youth Council reserve the right to reconsider their role on Youth Council each financial year according to work, study or personal commitments.

When are meetings held?

Meetings are held fortnightly at the Youth Room in Broadford. Regularly meetings will not run on school holidays; however, induction and training days will fall on the school holidays.

Is there a cost involved?

Participation in Mitchell Youth Council is free, however you will need to ensure you have transport to and from the meetings.

A annual allowance of $500 is paid in increments across the year to each youth councillor to assist with costs required by youth council members to undertake their role (including travel and attendance at meetings).

What is expected of Youth Council?

If you are appointed to Youth Council, you will be expected to:

  • attend the meet and greet on Monday 27 June 2022
  • attend an all-day induction day on Monday 4 July 2022
  • attend the swearing-in ceremony on Monday 18 July 2022
  • attend and participate in meetings
  • contribute your ideas and enthusiasm
  • carry out any tasks that you volunteer for
  • show respect to other Youth Council members and their views
  • be willing to work as part of a team
  • represent Youth Council by attending some official events
Participant level of commitment

Youth Councillors will:

  • attend Youth Council meetings fortnightly from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. An 80% attendance is required
  • attend events/functions (on occasions) including Council meetings when required
  • attend some Councillor dinners prior to Mitchell Shire Council meeting

Mitchell Shire Council reserves the right to ask participants to leave the program if they do not meet these expectations.

What tasks does the Youth Council have?

Youth Council tasks include:

  • assist in the progress of the Mitchell Shire Life Stages Strategy
  • consult with local young people and advocate for their needs
  • actively work to develop and implement projects
  • to administer youth grants
  • to assist in the evaluation of Youth Council
  • actively contribute to the Youth Council closed Facebook group.
Do I get any training to help me in my role?

Yes. Council provides free orientation to all Youth Council members. Ongoing training is also provided through Youth Council meetings. Youth Councillors may also have the opportunity to attend youth related conferences.

Will I have a uniform?

Youth Councillors are provided with a shirt and ID badge which they are required to wear at all meetings and official events. Youth Councillors also receive business cards, a diary and folder. These will need to be returned at the end of the Youth Council term.

What are the benefits of participating in the Youth Council?

There are heaps of benefits including:

  • develop invaluable skills and gain experiences that will help you be successful now and in your future
  • enjoy working towards positive change in your community and around issues that you are passionate about
  • learn more about other people in your community
  • experience the satisfaction of expressing yourself, getting something done, and seeing results
  • improve the opportunities, services and profile of other young people in the community
  • open new social opportunities
  • have some fun.
Need more information?

Feel free to contact Council if you have any other questions. Contact Council’s Youth Development Officer Jess on 0437 530 803 or email

Applicant selection criteria

Question NumberTo gain full points, the applicant mustPoints weighting
1Is willing to take on a leadership role in their community10
2Can demonstrate positive attributes they hold that would benefit the Youth Council10
3Show passion towards a area, issue or topic AND can relate that passion to their role on Youth Council5 each (10 total)
4aCan identify key issues related to young people in the community10
4bCan provide examples of how these issues could be responded to AND can provide examples of the actions that would be involved when responding5 each (10 total)
5Can identify effective ways of consulting with young people in the Mitchell area10
6Can demonstrate leadership qualities and/or ability10
Interview onlyCan commit to attending Youth Council and official events when required10
Interview onlyIs willing to consult with young people and the community10
Interview onlyIn willing to undergo training and development as required10
Total points100

This page was last updated on 12 August 2022.