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Youth services

Mitchell Youth Services work with young people aged 12 to 24 years.

Our purpose is to promote, develop and encourage the wellbeing of young people in the area.

Mitchell Youth Services promote young people’s health, social inclusion, skill development and leadership, and provide young people with opportunities to engage in arts and culture, youth development, community strengthening and civic life.

We do that by providing, facilitating, planning, funding and advocating for the needs and issues of young people, their families and the community.

We advise organisations, agencies and levels of government about the needs of young people in Mitchell Shire. We also inform social policy formation, coordination and implementation.

Mitchell Youth Services provide formal and informal services for young people, in groups or as individuals. Our work includes advocacy, community development, referral, social education, participation programs, and skills development (such as leadership skills).

This page was last updated on 12 August 2022.