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Your rates

Understanding your rates notice

What do my rates fund?

Your rates and charges help fund a range of services provided by Council including:

  • street cleaning and lighting
  • maintenance of local roads, footpaths and drainage
  • garbage and recycling services
  • a wide range of community services, recreation reserves and playgrounds

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Charges on your rates notice

The total amount you are required to pay is made up of some, or all, of the following components:

  • General rate (based on your property value)
  • Municipal charge
  • Garbage charge
  • Fire services levy (State Government charge)

General rate

This is referred to as the valuation based rate. It is calculated by multiplying the Capital Improved Value of your property by a specified amount of cents per one dollar of valuation. The "cents per dollar" is determined by the category your property falls into.

More information

  • See property valuations to discover how property valuations are used by Council to determine your general rate charge
  • Download our Rating Strategy (link below) for rating categories used by Council

Municipal charge

This is a fixed amount and applies to all rateable properties. An exemption from this charge is available to single farming enterprises who receive multiple rate notices. The Local Government Act limits the amount of revenue that Council can raise through this charge.

Garbage charge

If your property is located on a road serviced by a Council garbage collection run, then you will be charged for this service. The charge is compulsory for all residential properties regardless of whether you decide to use the service or not.

See paying your rates for more information.

Fire Services Property Levy

The Fire Services Levy is a charge that is set by the State Government. The money is collected by Council and passed on to the State Government.

It consists of the following components:

  • a fixed component for residential, commercial, industrial, and primary production properties
  • a variable component calculated as a percentage of the capital improved value of a property

The State Government also funds a small rebate for concession holders who are currently qualified for rate rebates.

Many properties exempt from municipal rates will have to pay the levy.

The levy will be listed on Council rate notices, collected by Council and paid to the State Government.

The levy will not be included in Council’s budgets because it is not Council’s money.

More about the Fire Services Property Levy

Prior to 2013, the Fire Services Property Levy was collected as part of your house insurance. Since then, the collection of this State Government levy has been transferred to all councils across Victoria. This change was recommended by the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

This property based levy is used to fund the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB).

Properties in the CFA area are levied to fund the CFA and properties in the MFB area are levied to fund the MFB.

Resource Recovery Centre vouchers

Council provides resource recovery centre vouchers each year with your rates notice.

Your rates notice contains a barcode that can be scanned up to 5 times at any of our Resource Recovery Centres. Each scan is worth $35 and the vouchers expires on 30 September each year.

Bring your voucher and proof of ID when you visit a Resource Recovery Centre. If your load exceeds the value of your Resource Recovery Centre voucher you will need to pay the difference.

Terms and Conditions

Vouchers are not transferable for cash, cannot be redeemed or used for payment of any other Council account.

Rate capping

For more information on how rate capping works, you may wish to watch the below video.

This page was last updated on 23 September 2021.