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Buying, selling, moving

Land Information Certificate

If you are buying a property in Mitchell Shire, it is recommended you obtain a Land Information Certificate. This is usually completed by your conveyancer.

The Land Information Certificate provides information regarding valuation, rates, charges, other monies owing and any orders or notices made under the Local Government Act 1958, Local Government Act 1989, Local Government Act 2020, under local laws or by-laws of the Council, and specified flood level by Council (if applicable).

The Land Information Certificate is not required to include information regarding planning, building, health, land slip, other flooding information or service easements.

To request a Land Information Certificate:

Buying or selling

Council must be notified in writing of changes of address, ownership or occupancy.

When ownership of property changes, your conveyancer must tell us within 1 month of settlement. As soon as the Title is transferred, the law requires that the necessary transfer notifications be made.

All outstanding rates and charges must be paid by the new owner in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 (Section 175 [1]).

For more information visit the State Revenue Office Victoria website.

Moving house

If you still own a property but are just moving or changing your postal address, you must notify the Council of your new residential and postal address in writing within 21 days.

You can update your contact details online or complete a hard copy form in person at any of our Customer and Library Service Centres.

This page was last updated on 16 August 2021.