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Your rates

The rating year begins on 1 July and ends on 30 June. Mitchell Shire Council issues its Annual Rate and Valuation Notice in July/August.

Paying Your Rates

Rates are due in 4 instalments and Council will send you a rates notice before each payment is due.

Rebates are available for eligible pensioners.

Receive Your Rates via Email

You can now choose to receive your Mitchell Shire rates notice via email.

To register, find the eNotice registration code on your Rates Notice and head to the portal below.

Rates Notice Enotices
Example code for eNotices, found on your rates notice.

Resource Recovery Centre Vouchers

At the bottom of your rates notice, you will see a barcode that can be scanned up to 3 times at any of our Resource Recovery Centres until 30 September 2019. Each scan is valued at $20.

Vouchers cannot be sold or exchanged for cash. Photo ID showing current address is required. Loads are accepted and charged in accordance with our adopted fee and charges.

Resource Recovery Centre Voucher Example
Example of a Resource Recovery Centre voucher located on the bottom of your rates notice.

Understanding Your Rates Notice

Your rates and charges help fund a range of services provided by Council including:

  • street cleaning and lighting
  • maintenance of local roads, footpaths and drainage
  • garbage and recycling services
  • a wide range of community services, recreation reserves and playgrounds

The total amount you are required to pay is made up of some, or all, of the following components:

General Rate

This is referred to as the valuation based rate. It is calculated by multiplying the Capital Improved Value of your property by a specified amount of cents per one dollar of valuation. The "cents per dollar" is determined by the category your property falls into.

For more information about rating categories used by Council, refer to our Rating Stategy (download below).

Municipal Charge

The Local Government Act allows Council to declare a Municipal Charge on properties to cover some of the administrative costs of the Council. This is a fixed amount and applies to all rateable properties. An exemption from this charge is available to single farming enterprises who receive multiple rate notices.

Garbage Charge

If your property is located on a road serviced by a Council garbage collection run, then you will be charged for this service. The charge is compulsory for all residential properties regardless of whether you decide to use the service or not.

Pensioner Rebate

If you are an eligible pensioner and hold a current pensioner concession card, you may be able to claim a rebate on your Council rates.

Rate Capping

For more information on how rate capping works, you may wish to watch the below video.