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Heat Health Alert
The Victorian Chief Health Officer has issued a Heat Health Alert for Tuesday 25 January and Wednesday 26 January.
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Your garbage and recycling bins

We provide kerbside collection services in all major townships and along connector roads within the Shire.

If your property is not eligible for kerbside collection services we provide a number of kerbside collection points throughout the shire for you to use.

A standard kerbside collection service includes a 120-litre garbage bin collected weekly and a 240-litre recycling bin collected fortnightly. All garbage and recycling bins remain the property of Mitchell Shire Council.

Putting Out Your Bins

To make sure your bins are emptied on collection day:

  • place bins out for collection the night before collection day
  • do not place bins too close to trees, light poles or parked cars. Where possible, bins should be placed 1 metre apart
  • do not overfill bins; lids should fully close to avoid litter spilling out and scavenging by birds

Remove bins from the kerbside or collection point as soon as possible after being emptied to avoid theft or damage.

This page was last updated on 4 May 2021.