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Waste and resource recovery

Littering and illegal dumping

Illegal dumping of waste or littering can cause significant environmental issues including land contamination, pollution of waterways, increased fire risk and harm to local wildlife and their habitats.

Cleaning up illegally dumped waste and prosecuting offenders costs the community thousands of dollars each year.


Litter can make its way into our waterways and onto our streets, roads and reserves from overfilled bins, leaving rubbish beside a bin, tossing cigarette butts onto the ground, throwing rubbish from a car or by failing to secure loads on vehicles and trailers.

Report littering from cars

Litter that comes from a vehicle or is dropped or thrown by a person in close association to their vehicle can be reported to the EPA.

You can report littering:

  • online through the EPA website form
  • by mail — download the little report form (PDF) from the EPA website

You need to supply the car’s registration, make, colour, location, date and time, plus a description of the litter and litterer (if possible).

The report needs to be submitted within 7 days of seeing the offence.

Managing your kerbside bins

You are responsible for the waste in your garbage and recycling bins and may be fined if you:

  • overload your bins (preventing them from being collected)
  • put your bins out more than 24 hours before collection day
  • leave your bins out longer than 24 hours after collection day
  • fill your bins to overflowing
  • place incorrect items in your bins
  • interfere with other people’s bins placed out for collection

Find out about putting out your bins and collection days, go to your garbage and recycling bins.

Tell us about overfilled street litter bins

If you see an overfilled bin in a park or street, contact Council on 03 5734 6200 with the location of the bin.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping of waste can lead to long-term contamination of land, waterways and groundwater. Council spends over $100,000 each year cleaning up and disposing of illegally dumped waste.

If caught, Officers may issue on the spot fines of over $300 or commence legal action.

Illegal dumping can attract a maximum court penalty of $610,700 or 7 years' imprisonment for an individual, and more than $1.2 million for a corporation.

Illegally dumped waste can consist of a single bag of household rubbish to large household items such as TVs, appliances and electronic waste, furniture, mattresses, and industrial wastes, construction and demolition materials, garden waste, packaging, tyres, old cars and soil.

Report illegally dumped waste

  • phone Council's Local Laws Department on 03 5734 6200
  • EPA Victoria by contacting 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) to the 24-hour EPA pollution hotline
  • let us know by using our Report it form

Join clean up Australia day

Every year on the first Sunday in March, residents and community groups volunteer their time to collect litter in parks and reserves and along waterways and roadsides in Mitchell Shire as part of Clean Up Australia Day.

Clean Up Business Day is held on the Tuesday before and Clean Up Schools Day is held on the Friday before.

To register a site, to volunteer or for more information go to the Clean Up Australia day website.

This page was last updated on 29 June 2022.