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Waste and resource recovery

Green waste

Green waste bins

Mitchell Shire Council doesn’t currently provide a green waste bin as part of its kerbside collection service.

Council officers have been investigating the introduction of a food organics (FOGO) kerbside bin service that is planned to commence in 2025. What this will mean in terms of configuration and cost is yet to be determined.

Other options

In the absence of a green waste bin, residents can take their garden waste to any of our Resource Recovery Centres.

Payment for the disposal of green waste at our Resource Recovery Centres can be made with vouchers supplied on annual rates notices.

Alternatively there are local contractors that provide a weekly or monthly garden waste collection service for a fee.

Small amounts of garden waste can also be placed in your kerbside garbage bin or home compost bin, along with food waste.

What about the 4 bins?

There’s been a lot of community interest in the Victorian Government’s announcement to implement a container deposit scheme and roll-out a new four-bin system for households, and we're still working through how this will impact Mitchell residents.

As part of the State Government reforms, we are required to develop a kerbside transition plan that outlines when we will implement a FOGO kerbside bin and how we will address a separate glass collection service.

While we don't currently provide these services, we are in the planning stages to ensure they are introduced in the future.

This page was last updated on 5 May 2022.