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Waste and resource recovery

Bulk rubbish containers (skips)

Skip bins on private land do not require a permit under the Local Law.

Placing a skip on public land

If you are planning to place a skip bin or shipping container on Council land you need to apply for a permit.

Apply for a permit for a one-off placement of a skip

To apply:

  • complete a Permit Application Bulk Rubbish Container (download below)
  • supply proof of your public liability insurance for $20 million covering Council
  • return your documents to any of our Customer and Library Centres and pay the fee; or
  • return your documents to Mitchell Shire Council and request an invoice to make payment

Site inspections for public safety

We may inspect the proposed site and make sure that the skip won’t obscure sightlines, access or cause damage to any public place. If we issue a permit it may include conditions.

Find out more about the Code of Practice for the placement of waste bins on roadsides VicRoads: Guidelines for placements of skips on roadsides.

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This page was last updated on 1 September 2022.