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Works in the road reserve

If you wish to undertake any works within the road reserve, you need a road opening permit from Council.

The road reserve is the public land beyond your property. It includes the road, nature strips, roadside, drains and verge.

Types of works that require a permit are:

  • vehicle crossings and driveways
  • minor drainage connections
  • minor works associated with a service connection
  • kerb and channelling works
  • construction of footpath

If you are unsure or require more information contact Council's Engineering Department on 03 5734 6200.

Apply for a permit

To apply for a Works within the Road Reserve permit:

  • complete the Works within the Road Reserve Consent Application (download below)
  • supply a Traffic Management Plan and a completed Memorandum of Authorisation (MOA) form below – if required
  • take your completed documents to one of our Customer and Library Service Centres
  • pay the relevant fees and the required bond

Traffic Management Plans — planning a safe work site

As part of your Traffic Management Plan you need to describe how you will ensure your work site is safe. This includes putting up warning signs to drivers. What is on the signs and the distances between them is determined by the site conditions.

The Traffic Management Plan will be assessed and approved if appropriate.


The below Code of Practice document will provide guidance to any person conducting or proposing to conduct any works on a road in Victoria.

Completing the work

We will ask to inspect certain types of work.

When work is complete you will need to contact Council to apply for your bond back.

This page was last updated on 1 July 2019.