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Roads and parking

Report a road or tree hazard

Road hazard emergencies

To report a road hazard phone Council on 03 5734 6200 (all hours).

Our Roads and Infrastructure Emergency Service can help with:

  • fallen trees or limbs on roads
  • flooding
  • water over roads
  • dead animals on roads
  • other road hazards

For non-urgent road hazards, please complete a report an issue or incident form.

Hazardous trees

Are defined as those trees that have a defect that may cause injury or property damage if not removed.

These include:

  • structurally unsound — bifurcation with a high chance of failure within the next five years, excessive borer activity, dying or dead
  • exposed roots — having a high potential as a trip hazard (provided no remedial action is possible)
  • inappropriately located — tall tree species with structural defects under power lines, a tree leaning over road, paths or property whose form cannot be corrected by pruning or other arboriculture methods
  • trees causing major damage — where tree branches or roots are causing significant damage to Council, utility or private infrastructure and where this has the potential to increase significantly

Immediate hazard

Requires attention immediately as the tree has a condition, which makes failure imminent or the tree has been deemed to be structurally unstable due to:

  • having the potential to shed a major portion of the canopy
  • being unstable in the ground and susceptible to wind-throw

Decisions on hazard rating are made after the tree has been inspected and assessed by an arborist.

To report an immediate hazard phone Council on 03 5734 6200 (all hours).

For non-urgent tree hazards, please complete a report an issue or incident form.

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This page was last updated on 7 October 2019.