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Roads and parking

Driving recreational vehicles

Recreational Vehicle use is not permitted on Residential Land or Land less than 0.4 hectares (1 Acre)

You need a permit to use recreational vehicles:

  • within 200 metres of land used for residential purposes

Recreational vehicles includes motorbikes and mini bikes and other wheeled devices propelled by an internal combustion motor, but excludes electric vehicles.

Applying for a RV permit

To apply:

When we receive your application, we will work out if you instead need to apply for a planning permit.

We will inspect your property and ask your neighbours if they object to use of the recreational vehicle. If a permit is issued conditions will apply.

Your permit needs to be renewed annually.

More information

For further information contact our Local Laws Department on 03 5734 6200.

This page was last updated on 1 September 2022.