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Driving recreational vehicles

You need a permit to use recreational vehicles:

  • in a residential area
  • in the urban growth area on land under 1 acre (4000 square metres)
  • within 200 metres of a neighbouring house

A permit is also required if a recreational vehicle or model vehicle is used within 200 metres of land used for residential purposes and the land is owned or occupied by a tenant or someone other than the owner of the land on which the recreation vehicle is to be used.

Recreational vehicles include motorbikes and mini bikes.

Applying for a RV permit

To apply:

When we receive your application, we will work out if you instead need to apply for a planning permit.

We will inspect your property and ask your neighbours if they object to use of the recreational vehicle. If a permit is issued conditions will apply.

Your permit needs to be renewed annually.

More information

For further information contact our Local Laws Department on 03 5734 6200.