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Roads and parking

Actions affecting Council roads and land

This permit covers different types of actions on Council land including:

Permit to conduct works on Council land

Apply for this permit if you need to do the following on Council land:

  • make a hole
  • excavate
  • reinstate a hole
  • conduct any activity which may damage, interfere with or destroy a Council asset

Permit to access Council land

Apply for this permit if you need to use Council land to access private property

from other than an approved access point (crossover). This permit is required when you request the opening of a locked Council gate.

Permit to occupy Council land

Apply for this permit if you need to:

  • erect a hoarding
  • erect an overhead protective awning
  • use a mobile crane
  • use a travel tower
  • obstruct Council land

Refer to the application form at the end of this page for more details on each of these types of applications.

To conduct works on a Council Road, road reserve, footpath or nature strip a Work Within the Road Reserve Permit is needed.

Applying for a permit

Step 1

  • Complete the application form below and provide any required supporting documentation including the following:
    • a detailed site plan
    • traffic management plan (where required)

Step 2

  • provide a certificate of currency for public liability insurance for $20,000.00

Step 3

This page was last updated on 30 August 2022.