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Environment and sustainability

Weeds and pest animals

All landholders must manage the spread of declared noxious weeds and pest animals, as required by the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994. The act covers the classification and general control of noxious weeds and pest animals.

The responsibility for enforcing weed control under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 lies with the Agriculture Victoria.

See Agriculture Victoria: Weeds for more info.

What is a weed

Weeds are plants growing in an unwanted place. They compete with other plants and invade natural bushland, grassland and riverside habitats (riparian areas). This compromises and reduces biodiversity values and reduces grazing productivity in farming areas.

Identifying and controlling local weeds

We have the following resources available to help you identify weeds in Mitchell shire and apply appropriate control methods.

Weed prevention

Weed control for everyone

  • don't dump green waste on public land
  • stay on walking tracks to prevent spreading seeds on shoes or clothing
  • make sure you don’t bring seeds into the bush on your clothes, equipment, vehicle, pets or horses

Weed control for gardeners

The best weed control is prevention.

  • avoid planting invasive species
  • don’t move or purchase soil that could be contaminated
  • control weeds before they go to seed

Weed control for landholders

We recommend you put together a weed management plan for your property. Prioritise what weeds to tackle, when and where — you may not be able to tackle every weed on your property all the time.

To work out the best control technique for weeds on your land:

  • contact the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources on 136 186 for advice
  • ask Council for advice on weed identification and management
  • work with your local Landcare group and neighbours — you can share the cost and will enjoy better results, as weeds don't stop at the boundary fence

Report dumped green waste

Dumped garden clippings are a major source of weed invasion. Report dumped green waste to us on 03 5734 6200 or complete a report an issue or incident form.

Weeds on Council land

Council are responsible for managing declared weed infestations on all Council managed land, including Council roadsides.

Council prioritises declared noxious weeds and environmental weeds for control as part of an ongoing and integrated weed control program.

More Information

This page was last updated on 29 November 2022.