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Nature in Mitchell

Rural roadsides

In many areas of Australia, native vegetation has been extensively cleared. Roadsides are now often the only place where native indigenous vegetation remains, providing homes for rare and significant plant and animal species, such as the endangered squirrel glider. The conversation and protection of these areas is important.

Mitchell Shire Council has collated and commissioned roadside vegetation surveys for most Council managed roads. If you would information about a specific roadside please contact Council.

Rural Roadside Environmental Management Plan

To assist in managing the values and uses of our rural roadsides and ensuring compliance with legislative requirements, Council has developed a Rural Roadside Environmental Management Plan 2016-2026 which you can download below.

The Rural Roadside Environmental Management Plan recognises that the primary purpose of a road is to provide safe access and egress and aims to balance the demands on rural roadsides for public safety, farming practices, conservation, fire risk and the provision of utility services.

This page was last updated on 4 March 2022.