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Environment and sustainability

Land management and conservation

Land Management Plan

A land management plan can be called different titles including a Whole Farm Plan, Property Management Plan or Conservation Management Plan

Land Management Plans are developed to improve farm decision making and the management of productivity, ecological and social issues. It takes into account livelihood, lifestyle and landscape to ensure sustainability of all issues.
Borg et al, 2008

Council provides the below guide to assist landholders in developing, implementing and monitoring a Land Management Plan.


The benefits of planting native vegetation include:

  • increasing biodiversity
  • reducing soil erosion
  • creating wind breaks
  • reducing loss of soil moisture through evaporation
  • providing habitat for native fauna

The Goulburn Broken Catchment: Revegetation Guide provides a site specific revegetation list for your property.

For revegetation lists in the North Central Catchment and Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment or a list of local native nurseries, contact our Environment Team on 03 5734 6200 or

Request personalised information kits

We can send you a kit of environmental information tailored to your needs and interests. Topics include native vegetation, weeds and local environmental community groups. Please complete the request form below or contact us on 03 5374 6200 for more information.

Please note that during Covid-19 restrictions we are only offering online kits. Hard copy kits will be sent once Council offices re-open.

Conservation covenants

A conservation covenant is an agreement between a landowner and the Trust for Nature. It protects and enhances the land's natural, cultural, and scientific values. The covenant is registered on the property title and binds all future owners.

There are currently over 1700 hectares of covenanted land in Mitchell Shire across two bushland reserves, the Seymour Bushland Park and Colin Officer Flora Reserve in Broadford.

Since 2005 Mitchell Shire Council has offered an annual grant program for properties with conservation covenants. Please download the below brochure for further information.

Environmental information request form

Handy publications

  • Mitchell Shire Vegetable Planting Guide (download below) — a resource for growing veggies in Mitchell Shire
  • Sustainable Gardening in Mitchell and Strathbogie Shires (download below) — helps gardeners to make sustainable decisions when establishing and maintaining a garden
  • The Healthy Hectares website contains a guide for small property owners designed in assessing your land and managing it in a way the protects and enhances the natural environment, produced by the Euroa Arboretum
  • Caring for Country — land management guide. Hard copies of the guide are available for free to landholders in north central Victoria. Send your request to
  • Our getting help with nuisance animals page contains information on controlling foxes and rabbits in urban areas and more

To request a hard copy of any of these publications, e-mail with your name, property and postal address.

This page was last updated on 7 September 2022.