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Environment and sustainability

Grants for Plants - Support for Schools

Revegetation activities using native plants are a great way to engage students to connect with nature. Whether the activities are part of National Tree Day or another school program, students can learn how to improve their local environment whilst having fun outdoors.

For inspiration, lesson plans or school toolkits visit Planet Ark.

Grants for Plants

Mitchell Shire Council provides grants of up to $600 to local primary and secondary schools. The grants are provided to help schools purchase native plants, stakes, guards and materials required for revegetation activities on school grounds.

Key Dates

  • applications are open until 30 April 2023
  • applicants will be contacted and notified of their grant application within 2 weeks of their application
  • project and final report must be completed by 31 May 2023
  • the grant will be paid 2 weeks after receipt of final report.


Step 1

To apply for the Plants for Schools grant please fill in the form below and read the Grants for Plants terms and conditions. We will contact you if your grant application is successful.

Step 2

Upon completion of your work please complete the works complete form below. The grant will be paid 2 weeks after receipt of this final report.

This page was last updated on 7 September 2022.