Disabled parking Permits

Information on applying for a permit


Parking for People With Disabilities

Where can I find out more about parking for people with disabilities?

A state-wide Disabled Person's Parking Scheme operates in Victoria. It is controlled by VicRoads and maintained through local Councils. The scheme provides for two permit categories based on the applicant's needs and abilities:

Category 1

  • Permit holders with significant disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to park a vehicle in bays reserved for people with a disability for the specified time only or in any ordinary bay for twice the specified time

Category 2

  • Permit holders requiring rest breaks when walking may park a vehicle in any ordinary bay only but for twice the specified time

How do I complete the application?

  • The first part of the application form must be completed by you or your agent
  • The rest of the application form should be completed by your Medical Practitioner
  • The completed form must be returned to council. You are responsible for any fees incurred in the completion of the form
  • An organisation providing a transport service to the disabled is required to complete a separate application form
  • Application forms are available from Councils' Customer Service Centres or an application be downloaded below