Parking in Mitchell Shire

Information on parking, permits and school crossings



The work that the Community Compliance team undertake on a daily basis involves educating the community on state and local laws for many different pieces of legislation.

Parking laws can be found under the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 which sit behind the Road Safety Act 1986 and are enforced by the Rangers from the Community Compliance Unit as well as by Victoria Police.

The main objectives of the Road Rules are:

(a) to provide road rules in Victoria that are substantially consistent with road rules elsewhere in Australia, based on the current version of the Australian  Road Rules approved by the Australian Transport Council under the National Transport Commission Act 2003 of the Commonwealth;

(b) to establish rules to be observed by road users in Victoria in matters not otherwise dealt with in the Australian Road Rules; and

(c) to consolidate in a single instrument the road rules applying to Victoria.

For some tips on parking in Mitchell, have a look at the fact sheets linked below.

Community Compliance Officers in Mitchell Shire Council regulate matters including:

(a) parking in Mitchell - looking after car parks and parking bays to ensure compliance with signs and to keep traffic moving to assist businesses and encourage more trade

(b) issuing and maintaining a parking permit system for people with disabilities

(c) provision of a school crossing supervisor program