Local Laws and Burning Off

Permits and information about burning off in Mitchell


Open Air Burning

What are the laws about burning off in Mitchell?

Council's Local Law No 1 Community and Environment 2013 states that an owner or occupier of land may burn off in the open air for the purposes of reducing fuel loads on that land based on Local Law Areas.

From the end of Declared Fire Danger Period  - 1 October each year :

Residential areas, Urban Growth areas less than 0.4 hectare (1 acre) and Semi Rural areas:

Allowed to burn off on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10am and 3pm. Outside of these days and times requires a permit and an application is available below.

Infringements of $200 can be issued for burning off outside of these times.

Rural areas:

Allowed to burn off any day of the week. 

Want to know your local law area? Look at township maps on pages 30 - 36 of our Local Law No. 1 Community and Environment (PDF, 2680K). If your location is not included in these, please give our Community Compliance Team a call on 03 5734 6200.

1 October to Commencement of Fire Danger Period

All areas:

A permit is required to burn a windrow, stump, log or vegetation with a diameter greater than 75mm.

Windrow: Any combustible or inflammable material, including garden refuse, tree matter and household rubbish (unless listed as not allowed) that is stored in an area exceeding 2 cubic metres.

During the CFA Declared Fire Danger Period

Please Note: We DO NOT issue Fire Permits during the CFA declared Fire Restriction Period to individuals. Permits will only be issued to CFA brigades. This applies to the whole of the municipality of Mitchell Shire. More information about the Fire Danger Period can be found on the CFA Website - Restrictions page.

The Fire Danger Period is NOT the same thing as a Total Fire Ban.
 Total fire ban information can be found on the CFA Website - Total Fire Bans and Ratings page.

For information about fires causing nuisance or items that can not be burnt see our Burning off in the Open Air Fact sheet.