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Information and contacts if you lose or find an animal

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If you've lost or found a pet you can also go to Council's Facebook Animals of Mitchell Shire page.

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What happens when a stray or lost dog or cat is reported Council?

When a dog or cat is picked up by a Community Compliance Officer it is checked for a microchip and Council registration tag. If it is microchipped and registered with Council it may be returned directly to the owner, if there is someone at home to receive the dog or cat from an Officer. Officers will not return an animal home and leave it in your yard when no one is home.

Officers may impound your registered dog or cat if it has been out on more than one occasion. They may have a discussion with you or undertake an inspection of your property to help you work out how your pet may be escaping, or give you some advice on securing your property to minimise this happening again.

If your pet is not microchipped and has no identifying tags it is taken to the pound and given food and water in a safe and secure environment. Officers check Council's database of reported missing animals. If Council can match an animal with an owner then the owner is contacted. Please ensure that if you change your address or phone numbers, you contact Council as well as the microchip registry your pet is listed with and update those details.

An infringement for failing to register your dog or cat will be issued if your pet is impounded and is unregistered with Council at the time it is picked up. If this is the first time your pet is out and it is registered, a warning will be issued for the offience of wandering at large. For further information on offences under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, please refer to our Penalties and Infringements page.

It is an offence under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 to hold onto a stray or lost dog or cat.

Current charges as at July 2018:

  • Impound release fee for unregistered cats and dogs $92.50, plus $22.00 per day from day 3
  • Impound release fee for registered cats and dogs $52.00, plus $22.00 per day from day 3
  • Registration fees as per our Registration, Identifications and Permits page
  • Microchip implanting $51.50
  • Vet fees. In the case that your pet has required vet assessment or treatment this will be passed on to the owner at cost.

For more information about registering your pet, please refer to the Registration, Identification and Permits page.

When an owner does not come forward for an animal it is kept in the pound for 8 days, as required under the Domestic Animals Act 1994. After 8 days the animal legally becomes the property of the Council.

Animals impounded for longer than 8 days are temperament tested to ensure suitability for re-homing and then dogs and cats are transferred to one of the rescue groups that Council has agreements with or rehomed through Mitchell Shire Council.

The cost to adopt a cat from Mitchell Shire Council is $210.00. The cost to adopt a dog from Mitchell Shire Council is $325.00

What happens when Council picks up a cow, horse, sheep or other livestock?

The Impounding of Livestock Act 1994 provides legislation in Victoria to clarify the powers associated with the impounding of livestock found trespassing on any land or road in Victoria.

The Act sets out the persons who are authorised to impound livestock and sets out the rights and obligations of people with regard to trespassing livestock. This legislation has recently been updated.

When livestock are impounded by Council they can either be transported to Council's Livestock Pound or be impounded on the property that they have been found trespassing on. Under legislation, Council must hold the impounded livestock for 7 days, try to locate the owner and advise them of the impoundment, and arrange a time for the owner to reclaim the livestock or advertise that the livestock will be auctioned or offered for sale under tender.

Current charges for reclaiming livestock from July 2017:

  • Reclaim fee per head for large livestock eg. cattle and horses - $120.00
  • Daily sustenance per day fee per head for large livestock - $27.00
  • Reclaim fee per head for medium livestock eg. sheep or goats - $60.00
  • Daily sustenance fee per day per head for medium livestock - $11.00
  • Reclaim fee per head for small livestock eg. rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry - $15.00
  • Daily sustenance per day fee per head for small livestock - $3.0

Transport - may vary depending on the costs to Council.

If Officers have had to spend time out chasing your livestock a sundry debtor invoice will be forwarded to the owner at the following rates:

  • Per Officer per hour:
    Ordinary hourly rate - $420 Saturday hourly rate $63.00 Sunday hourly rate $84.00

If you have livestock to reclaim please call (03) 5734 6200 during business hours to arrange a time.