Council and your animals

Resources, permits and information about animal ownership

Dogs, Cats and Livestock

Councils are responsible for performing a range of functions relating to the management and responsible keeping of pets and animals.

Local Laws Officers in Mitchell Shire Council regulate matters such as:

a. Registration, identification and permits for cats, dogs and livestock

b. Registration of domestic animal businesses (including pet shops, breeding establishments, training establishments)

c. Provision of pound services for lost, abandoned and surrendered animals and the collection of animals found wandering

d. Control of dangerous, menacing or restricted breed dogs

e. Response to complaints about animals

f. Providing pet and livestock owners with information about responsible pet ownership

g. Providing pet events and programs such as subsidised desexing and microchipping days

h. Strategies for animal management and emergencies

i. Legislation, offences and penalties

For more information, please contact the Local Laws Department on (03) 5734 6200.

To enquire if your animal is being held in the Council Pound, owners need to phone (03) 5734 6200.

You can also visit the Animals of Mitchell Shire Facebook page:

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