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Lockdown for Mitchell
Mitchell Shire will be under the same restrictions as metropolitan Melbourne until further notice.
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Fire and other emergencies

Storm information June 2021

The storm on 9 June has had far-reaching impacts, for both Council and residents.

Heavy rain and strong winds caused a lot of damage, and Council has needed to close or make changes to venues and services in order to complete the clean up.

Green waste

Mitchell Shire Council will offer free green waste disposal at its Broadford and Pyalong Resource Recovery Centres over the long weekend (Saturday to Monday) to help the community clean-up after this week's storms.

This is for Mitchell Shire residents only (ID required).

  • Pyalong RRC will open from noon-4pm on Sunday, and 9am-1pm on Monday.
  • Broadford RRC will open from 10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer this at Seymour or Wallan as we do not have space on these sites for larger volumes of tree material.

Leaves, twigs, garden weeds, grass clippings and tree branches under 30cm in diameter can be dropped off.

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Monument Hill Reserve

Monument Hill Reserve in Kilmore sustained significant storm damage, and will be closed until further notice.

The site is extremely unsafe, and visitors are prohibited from entering the reserve under any circumstances.

Security will be patrolling.

Fallen timber and firewood collection

Council crews are working hard to clean up all storm damage, but it's still very wet and some trees may still drop branches.

It's important that you're extra careful as you move around parks and open spaces.

If you have seen a tree over a Council road, please report it using our report it tool. Please do not remove any fallen timber you may come across.

The storms have left a lot of fallen trees along our roads and we ask the community not to remove any timber at this time.

The collection of fallen timber is very dangerous as there will be a number of trees that are still unstable and could fall at any time.

There are also impacts to road users with people parking on the road shoulder causing a traffic hazard and generally this practice is unsafe.

Septic tanks

If you've got a septic tank but you're not sure if it's been damaged by the storm, here's a few tips to help you work out if there's a problem.

Firstly, most septic tanks won't be structurally damaged by storms as they are below ground, however sometimes damage can occur.

Signs of damage include rotten smell; pooling of water; alarm system warnings; blockages; and water backing up in the sink, shower or washing machine.

If you suspect your septic tank has been damaged, do not use or flush your toilet until you know the septic tank system and associated pipes are intact.

You will need to contact a licensed plumbing practitioner ASAP to have it assessed.

Food safety

One of the biggest effects of an extended power outage is food safety.

It's important that you ensure all of your perishable food (mainly the food kept in your fridge or freezer) is safe to keep once the power returns.

Once cold or frozen food is no longer cold to touch (5°C or above), it can be kept and eaten for up to 4 hours and then it must be thrown away or. If it is raw meat, it should be cooked and eaten.

Here's a few tips to help you keep your food colder for longer:

  • If available place an insulating blanket over cold or frozen food or put bagged ice under food packages and trays stored in freezers and fridges.
  • Only open your fridge and freezer doors when absolutely necessary - this will keep the food and air temperature colder for longer.
  • Consider moving food from the fridge to the freezer.

This page was last updated on 11 June 2021.