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Green Waste Drop Off FAQ

Why does Council provide this free drop off?

Primarily for fire prevention.

Why is fire prevention so important?

We are in a high risk fire area. Burning Off restrictions are in place from 1 October, but people still have cleaning up to do during this time.

Is it really free?

No, the waste fees you pay during the year help to cover the cost BUT you can help reduce the cost by removing contaminants and making it as clean and green as possible so more of it can be reused and less of it ends up in landfill.

What are contaminants?

The eligible natural wood and tree branches (under 300mm diameter) and grass clippings need to be sorted from non-green waste items before arrival and green waste must be free of declared noxious weeds, so it can be re-used. Any loads containing items other than green waste will be charged accordingly. 

You can find out what a Declared Noxious Weed is by downloading the Central Victorian Weeds Guide (PDF, 6MB).

Can’t Council make money by reselling the mulch?

No. Unfortunately, it’s typically low grade mulch not suitable for commercial sale. We offer it to residents for use on their gardens. Where possible, we use it in public parks, gardens and open space.

Is burning off my green waste better for everyone?

While burning off is convenient for some people, it does create a nuisance for neighbours and can create health problems with large volumes of smoke in the air. 

Read the EPA Media Release 'Follow the Burn Off Rules or Cop the Fine'

Why can’t I burn it off now? There is no fire risk yet

Burning off Restrictions are in place from 1 October in Mitchell Shire. In some circumstances you may still be able to burn small amounts. Once CFA declares the Fire Danger Period for the municipality, residents will be unable to burn off at all - unless granted a permit by the CFA.

If you need to burn off larger amounts, you may apply for a burning off permit.

Check our Local Laws Burning Off page for more information.

Why is the drop off service only provided on weekends?

The volume of waste being dropped off was causing problems on site, made it difficult to predict staffing levels needed during the week and meant large stockpiles were created which themselves created a fire risk. By only offering the service on weekends we can make sure we have staff rostered on to help you access the green waste area. It also means we are able to mulch the material during the week and move it to other locations if the volume poses a fire risk. Council is also committed to finding efficiency savings across its 100+ services and this does help us provide a more cost effective service by reducing staff loads on weekdays during the drop-off period.

Why do I need to bring proof of ID and address?

We don’t think you should pay for people from outside our municipality to access this free service.

Why can’t I use a green waste kerbside collection instead? Wouldn’t this be more cost effective anyway?

We are investigating the possible introduction of a kerbside food organics green organics (FOGO) service but no decision has been made yet and there would be a service cost passed on to ratepayers.

What happens to my green waste once I drop it off?

It is mulched and offered to residents for use on their gardens at no charge. Council also uses some on public spaces. We are actually currently using the mulch for our landfill rehabilitation projects.

When can I pick up mulch? Is it free?

Mulch is currently available at Broadford and Wallan RCCs.  All sites will have mulch available in December following processing of all of the green waste collected during the free drop off period. There is no charge to obtain mulch from one of our RRCs for Mitchell Shire ratepayers/residents

What happens if my green waste ends up in landfill instead? Why does it matter?

It’s bad for the environment because disposing of organic matter in landfill creates methane. When organic waste is dumped into landfill, it undergoes anaerobic decomposition and generates methane. When methane is released into the atmosphere, it is 20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It also adds to the cost of providing waste services which is passed on through waste collection fees and gate charges. The cleaner the green waste you drop off, the better for the environment and for your hip pocket.

Where can I drop off my green waste and what times?

Our Resource Recovery Centres at Broadford, Pyalong, Seymour and Wallan can accept green waste. Please visit our Resource Recovery Page to find out more about our locations, opening times, costs and what you can and can't take there.

Other questions?

If you have any further queries about Waste Management, please email