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Community grants

Gathering supporting information

When applying for a grant the funding provider will often ask for data or evidence to show a need for the proposed activity. Information to support community need can be found in various documents and databases.

The following list provides a starting point for gathering this information.

Council strategies and plans

Council strategies and plans contain data and other evidence. This includes the results of surveys and other consultation activities, which show the priority areas for supporting and strengthening the Mitchell Shire community.

Identifying how your grant project idea meets community needs is a powerful way to add justification to your grant submission.


.Idcommunity provide a range of useful and neatly presented community statistics. It is also the official population forecaster for Mitchell Shire.

    • provides a range of demographic and population data
    • accessed graphically through options in the side menu
    • official Mitchell Shire forecast
    • regularly updated
    • presents information spatially across a map
    • can be used to compare areas in the Shire visually

Crime Statistics Agency

Crime Statistics Agency is the State’s official crime and community safety statistics. Much of the data is available in tables and graphs. Includes data on:

  • family violence
  • harm and crime
  • historical crime.

Data Vic

Data Vic is the Victorian Government’s data portal.

It collates data from numerous government departments, which is readily searchable. Most of the data is in spreadsheet format.

National Map

National Map is the Australian Government’s mapping portal. It allows you to add data to a map.

ABS Statistics

ABS Statistics is the Australian Government’s data portal. It has links to high-level data and is a more complex option to the .idcommunity resource.

More detailed data is available by region. The microdata sub-tab will direct you to download more specific data.

This page was last updated on 9 September 2022.