Civil Works and Development

Forms and information for developers and subdivisions

Civil Works and Development

Engineering requirements for new developments and subdivisions:

Council has adopted two different standards for the requirements of new developments and subdivisions.
These standards operate in two distinct areas of the Shire. These being:

  • Development and Subdivision within the Northern Growth Corridor – This includes Wallan and Beveridge. – The Victorian Planning Authority – VPA (formerly the Metropolitan Planning Authority – MPA and the Growth Area Authority – GAA) Engineering Design and Construction Manual (EDCM) applies.

  • Development and Subdivision within the rest of the Shire – This includes Kilmore, Broadford, Seymour, Wandong, Heathcote Junction, Pyalong and all other areas north and east of Wallan. – The Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) applies.

These standards supersede any previous standards within the Shire and should be utilised on all new developments and subdivisions in the Shire relative to the location detailed above.
Some older development or sub divisional permits may reference or utilise older Guidelines and Standards.  Council’s previous guidelines are provided in the link below should any reference be required.  It is however Council’s intent to move away from these where ever possible. 

Should you have any queries in relation to Engineering requirements for new developments or subdivisions please contact Council’s Engineering Services Development Team on ph: 03 5734 6200 for further advice. 

A-Spec - Including D-Spec, R-spec and O-Spec

Mitchell Shire Council in conjunction with other Councils has developed a specification document for the delivery of infrastructure data in a GIS ready format. A-Spec is made up of a series of separate infrastructure specifications.  These being:

  • D-Spec – Drainage data – including underground and open channel drainage, retarding basins and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) data.
  • R-Spec – Road data – including road pavement, kerb, footpath and fire hydrant data.
  • O-Spec – Open-space data – including active and passive recreation areas, park furniture and facilities.

Most major subdivision permits issued by Council require some or all of these A-Spec data files to be provided.  These require that prior to the issue of the Statement Of Compliance (SOC) or placing works on maintenance, the following must be submitted to Council:

  • An electronic copy of the "as constructed" drawings in PDF and AutoCAD DWG file in GDA94-MGA Zone 55 mapping coordinates and the appropriate A-Spec files in (TAB or MID/MIF format) in accordance with the A-Spec Standard.

Council has developed template TAB and MID/MIF files for the submission of D-Spec data.  These templates should be utilised for all D-Spec submissions. Links to these templates are also located further below.
For further information regarding A-Spec and any of its associated data specifications please visit the A-SPEC website.

Build Over Easement Policy and Guidelines

Council at its meeting of 20 April 2015 adopted a policy and guidelines in relation to building over Council easements.  A copy of these documents along with a link to the application form is available through the links below:

Should you be considering or seeking to build over an easement which is vested in Council, we would recommend you download the Build Over Easement Guidelines.  These guidelines provide direction over what can and cannot be built over an easement vested in Council and also provide a step by step guide to the application process.

If after reviewing these Build Over Easement Guidelines you have any further queries in relation to technical issues please contact Council’s Engineering Services Team OR for application enquiries please contact Council’s Building Department on ph: 5734 6200.