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Register as a dog or cat foster carer

Before completing the form below, please note that you will need to attach:

  • a current police check
  • a local laws excess animal permit form (only if exceeding the allowed number of cats or dogs)

See keeping animals for more information.

Foster Carer Application Form

Is your postal address different to your residential address?
Do you foster dogs and/or cats over three months of age?  
Are you aware of Mitchell Shire Councils Local Law on the number of dogs and cats you are permitted to house at any one time?  
Do you hold an excess animal permit (if required)?  
Do you understand that if approved as a registered foster carer, you cannot house more than five foster animals at any given time (even if your local council permits you to house more)?  
Have you been found guilty of:
An offence against the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 or regulations made under that Act?  
An offence against the Domestic Animals Act 1994 or the Domestic Animals Regulations 2015?  
An offence against a law of another State or a Territory of the Commonwealth that corresponds with a law referred to in any legislation mentioned above?  
Have you received a Notice to Comply under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 or a control order under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986?  
Is the premises where you house your foster animals registered as a domestic animal business?  
What type of domestic animal business is the premises registered as?
Are you the proprietor of a domestic animal business at any location other than the premises where you house your foster animals?  
You must not have more than the number of dogs and cats that are allowed in accordance with Mitchell Shire Council Local Laws.

View information on keeping animals.
What local law area are you in?
Will you have at your property more than the number of dogs or cats allowed in line with your zoning?  
Do you require a Local Laws permit for the excess animals?
You will need to complete a Local Laws Excess Animal Permit form, this form must accompany your foster application form.

Download application to keep additional animals permit (PDF 770KB)
All applications must include a current police check.
1. Please note that conditions will be placed on the Foster Carer Registration Certificate which must be produced with every dog or cat application
2. The registration to be a foster carer within Mitchell Shire Council will expire of the 10 April of each year
3. A police check must be provided on the submission of your application form each year

This page was last updated on 12 June 2019.