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Pound services

Lost and found animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other livestock are listed on Council’s Animals of Mitchell Shire Facebook page.

If you have lost or found an animal, ‘like’ the page then post photos and details of the animal. You should also call the Council and report that your animal is missing.

It is an offence to hold onto a stray or lost dog or cat.

If you are concerned that your pet is at the pound, call Council on 5734 6200 and ask for pound services.

Found Pets – What Happens

When a roaming dog or cat is picked up it is checked for a microchip and Council registration tag.

Registered and Microchipped Animals Go Home

Animals that are registered and microchipped may be returned to their owner, if there is someone at home to receive them. Officers will not leave and animal in your yard if no one is home.

If your registered dog or cat has been found wandering more than once, our officers may impound it. They will probably talk to you and ask to inspect your property to help work out how your pet is escaping, or give you some advice on preventing it from happening again.

If this is the first time your pet is out and it is registered, you will be issued with a warning.

Animals that are Unregistered Wait at the Pound

If your pet is not microchipped and has no identifying tags it is taken to the pound, fed, watered and kept safe.

Officers check our database of reported missing animals. If we match an animal with an owner, the owner is contacted. It is really important that you tell us and your microchip registry if you change your address or phone numbers.

If your dog or cat is unregistered, you will be required to register it when you come to collect the animal. You will be issued a fine for failing to register your dog or cat.

If you are concerned that your pet is at the pound, call Council on 5734 6200 and ask for pound services.

Pound Services Fees

Fees you will be charged when you pick up your dog or cat. If your pet has been assessed or treated by a vet, the costs will be passed on to you.

Re-homing Unclaimed Pets

We try to find a home for all animals left waiting in the pound. After 8 days, if its owner has not come forward, the animal becomes the property of the Council. We check these animals to make sure they have the right temperament for re-homing and then dogs and cats are transferred to a rescue group or re-homed through Mitchell Shire Council.

How to Adopt a Dog or Cat

If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat from Mitchell Shire you should call our Local Laws Department and register your details. You may be asked to complete an adoption questionnaire to ensure that you are a suitable match for the dog or cat. If you adopt an animal from Council you will be asked to pay an adoption fee. Dogs and cats adopted from the pound are treated for fleas, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Wandering Livestock

If Council picks up a cow, horse, sheep or other livestock, those animals will be transported to Council's Livestock Pound or impounded on the property on which they have been found trespassing.

Council must hold impounded livestock for 7 days. During that time we try to locate and contact the owner to arrange a time for them to reclaim their animals. If we fail to find an owner or the livestock is not claimed, we will advertise and sell it by auction or under tender. In some cases we may re-home livestock via adoption. If you are interested in adopting livestock from Council you should call our Local Laws Department and register your details. You will be required to have a PIC number issued by DELWP.

Find out about PICs and identifying your livestock.

Livestock Impounding Fees

When you reclaim livestock you will be charged a release fee and a daily sustenance fee. You may be charged transport costs, depending on the costs to Council.

If our officers spent time chasing your livestock, we will send you an invoice for each officer’s time.

Check our livestock impounding fees.

How to Reclaim your Livestock

If you have livestock to reclaim please call 03 5734 6200 during business hours to arrange a time.

Responsible Pet Ownership

You are responsible for your pet's health, welfare, wellbeing and safety, and ensuring that they are not a nuisance or danger in your neighbourhood and out in the community.

This page was last updated on 24 February 2021.