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Pet registration

Only cats and dogs need to be registered with Council. Limits may apply to the numbers of other pets that can be kept such as rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and livestock, but they don’t need individual Council registration under the Domestic Animals Act like cats and dogs do.

You must register your dogs and cats that are aged over 3 months of age with your local council. Registration ensures that missing pets can be returned to their owner as soon as possible. Each year pet registration must be renewed by 10 April each year.

Your dogs and cats must be microchipped before we can accept a new animal registration. Microchipping is available from all local vets.

If you fail to register your dog or cat you can be fined.

How to register your pet

To register your pet:

  • fill out the Domestic Animals Registration Form (download below)
  • return your completed form along with any supporting documents to any of our Customer and Library Service Centres and pay the fee; or
  • return your documents to Mitchell Shire Council by email and a registration notice will be emailed to you with payment details. Registration is not current until payment is made.

Registration fees

Council’s fees are designed to encourage responsible pet ownership. Significant discounts are available for cats and dogs that are desexed or obedience trained.

From 4 February 2022 Council is accepting animal registrations for the year ending 10 April 2023.

Approved dog obedience training

Obedience certificates are only accepted from the approved dog obedience training organisations listed below. These groups have been certified by the Victorian Government, and some of these groups may operate outside of Victoria. If you have a training certificate from an interstate organisation, you may be able to have your dog tested by one of the approved Victorian groups to obtain the appropriate certificate.

You are entitled to a discounted registration fee if your dog has attended obedience training with a qualified trainer from:

  • DOGS Victoria
  • Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc.
  • Kintala Dog Club Association Inc.
  • Four Paws K9 Training.

For more information on criteria to receive a reduced fee see the Registration Discounts FAQ sheet below.

Changing your address

Please let us know if you have moved to another address so that our records are current for your pets. This will help us to return them home if they are found wandering.

Update your contact details online or complete a form in person at any of our Library and Customer Service Centres.

Transfer your registration from another Victorian Council

To transfer your current registration to Mitchell Shire:

Confirmation of your transferred registration will be emailed to you and a tag will be posted to you.

Transfer ownership of a dog or cat

If you have sold or given away a dog or cat that is registered with Council, you will need to inform us of the change of ownership. The new owner is also required to complete a registration form for the cat or dog.

To transfer ownership of a dog or cat:

  • complete the Change of Ownership Form (download below)
  • provide this form to the new owner to submit with their registration form.

Note: This does not change the microchip details of the animal.

Cancelling a registration

To cancel your dog or cat registration in the event of the death of a pet, you can call Mitchell Shire Council's Local Laws team on 03 5734 6200. Alternatively, you can email us with the details of the registration and we will cancel your pet's registration.

Infringements for domestic animal offence

You may be issued an infringement if:

  • you fail to register your dog or cat
  • your dog is found wandering at large or not confined to your property

If your dog or cat is not registered and goes missing it may have been been impounded. You need to call the Local Laws Department and enquire if your pet has been impounded. You can also search on Council’s Animals of Mitchell Shire Facebook page.

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This page was last updated on 19 August 2022.