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Keeping animals

In Mitchell you can have 2 dogs and 2 cats in a semi-rural or residential area. In rural areas you can have up to 6 dogs and 4 cats.

*Please note: if your property is in the Urban Growth Area and is less than 0.4 hectares, it follows the rules for residential properties.

Area Maximum dogs Maximum cats Livestock numbers
Rural 6 4 Not limited by Local Law but Planning Scheme controls may apply.
Semi-rural 2 2 Extra Animal Permit required for properties under 0.4 hectare. Planning Scheme controls may apply.
Residential* 2 2 Pigs and roosters not permitted. Extra Animal Permit required. Planning Scheme controls may apply.

Apply for Extra Animals

To have extra animals on your property you must apply for an extra animals permit. Planning scheme controls may also apply.

To apply:

When we receive your application, we will inspect your property and ask your neighbours if they object to you keeping the extra animals.

We will review the zoning of your land, the type and number of animals you want to keep and more. If a permit is issued conditions will apply.

Your permit needs to be renewed on 10 April each year. If the number or type of animals changes, you must let us know.

Bringing Livestock on Roads

If you own or are in charge of livestock and they go onto a road, you must apply for either a livestock droving permit below or livestock grazing permit.

To apply:

Applying for a Permit for Electric Fencing

If you are in a residential area or urban growth area (for properties under 1 acre or 4000 square metres) you must have a permit for electric fencing. Go to electric fencing permits.

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