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Dog and cat desexing scheme

Residents can apply to receive a discount voucher for the desexing of their cats or dogs, providing they are eligible.

Who is Eligible

You can apply for a desexing voucher if you are over 18 years and you hold one of the following concession cards (issued by Centrelink):

  • pension concession card
  • health care card
  • low income health care card
  • commonwealth seniors health card

Special Conditions

  • The pet must be registered with Council.
  • The pet owner must provide proof that the animal has been vaccinated.
  • A maximum of 2 vouchers (for 2 dogs, 2 cats or 1 dog and 1 cat) will be issued per household.
  • The voucher is valid for 1 month from date of issue and can be used at most of the Mitchell Shire Veterinary Clinics.

How to get a Voucher

  1. Contact Council on 03 5734 6200. Provide your personal details — name, address, phone and concession card details. We also need to know your dog or cat’s name, sex and if it needs to be registered. Finally nominate which vet you would like to use for the surgery.
  2. Contact the vet to make your appointment and determine the cost.
  3. Complete your appointment with the vet. You will pay the cost of the surgery less the amount of the voucher.

Under law, all cats and dogs over 3 months old must be microchipped and registered with Council. Registration renewals are due 10 April each year.

Contact Us

For more information please contact Local Laws on 03 5734 6200.

This page was last updated on 8 April 2019.