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Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk

Attraction & Military
High Street, Seymour VIC 3660 (See map)

The Commemorative Walk is the only one of its kind in Australia dedicated to all Vietnam Veterans. The walk has been created to symbolise the heroic 60,000 service men and women who devoted their energies to the service and protection of Australia.

Remembering the men and women who served

The names of each man and woman who served are scripted across 106 DigiGlass panels. Vivid photographs capture a moment in the lives of all service men and women. The photos reveal their experiences and battles along with their trials and tribulations as a poignant place in Australian history.

Representing the landscape in which they fought

The surrounding landscape features Spotted Gums representing rubber trees, native grasses representing rice paddies. These two plants are synonymous with Vietnam. The ochre earth paths take you on a journey to where it all began.

The machinery of war

Real life memorabilia feature heavily along the walk with a Centurion tank, a Huey helicopter, artillery pieces and an M1A1 APC. There are also places to just sit and peacefully reflect.

Further work is planned for the VVCW and will see the installation of further artefacts, building of the car/caravan parking and dump point on the Eastern end of the Walk.

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