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Kilmore South East Growth Precinct Development Plan

Council has received an application for a development plan approval pursuant to the Development Plan Overlay provisions at Clause 43.04 (schedule 5) of the Mitchell Planning Scheme.

The land affected by the application is located within the Kilmore South East Growth Precinct as shown in the download below.

The development plan as advertised proposed approximately 1,600 residential lots, active open space, local parks and land for a Government Primary School, plus a per hectare rate for developer infrastructure contributions for the whole Kilmore South East Growth Precinct.

Council at its ordinary meeting held 27 June 2022 resolved to approve the development plan, in part, for properties at 15 & 105 Wandong Road and 50 McIvors Road, subject to updates and the landowner entering into a Section 173 Agreement for shared infrastructure. View a copy of the Council Report considering the development plan.

This approval will facilitate the delivery of land for a government primary school, land for a Council community facility, local parks, tree reserves and approximately 500 residential lots.

Any development plan approved for the site does not provide planning permit approval or consent for works to commence on site. In addition, approval of a development plan does not provide any form of guarantee or assurance that future planning permit applications will be granted or the nature of conditions that would be imposed.

Download a map of the proposed development area

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Comments regarding this Development Plan closed Monday 22 November 2021.

This page was last updated on 28 June 2022.